All Over The Place

Hey, You! Yes, I would be talking to you. The one who is driving, trying to read this message, drop the kids off at school, and take a bite of that delicious donut. Are you reading this post, but your mind is in several other places? It’s really okay to breathe. I would like you to sit down and regain clarity of some things.

Are you in a place where you are stuck? You can’t see this though because you stay so busy. You do the same things habitually because you have programmed your mind to do so but you don’t recognize any progress.

Do you want to fix this? It can be done. You have been operating in a structured mess. Let’s keep the structure and clean up the mess. You will need paper, pens, a calender, and patience.

So first, you must plan your day hour by hour. Set a time at least 20 to 30 minutes daily where you shut off phone, cut off television, and break away from the computer so you can have a moment of quietness. Do not let others interrupt your daily plans or routines. You will slowly begin to see things fall back in place.

Comment and let me know if this helped.

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