About Me

09edc9_9f92ce5c4c004bfe91190d69677aa717I’m from a rural area in the Northeastern part of Louisiana called Oak Grove. I went to school at Kilbourne High School from Kindergarten to 12th grade. From there, I would pursue a degree at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Due to some major setbacks, I recently received my Bachelors of Science in 2013 for Tech. I have one child who I love dearly. I have two wonderful parents whom I love very much who have molded me one way or another into the person I am today. The support system I have in my life from family to friends is too amazing to begin to try to describe in words. I had a good upbringing where I was brought up in a two parent household where both my mother and father provided for my sister and I. I was introduced to public speaking at a very young age, and my mother really put effort forth in exposing us to opportunities that she didn’t have growing up. I will never forget a play I was apart of in high school where my English professor Coach Traylor gave me the part of a rich woman. My mother will remind me to this day how she believes that character was given to me because my professor saw something great in me. I always knew every since I was young that there was a special calling on my life and God had something special for me to do. I am ready, willing, and available for his perfect work to be performed in my life. I do have several people who have inspired me down through the years. Some are your everyday working people and some are those who have totally been obediant to the call God had on their life. I will only name a few people because this list can get very long. I live to listen to Bishop T.D. Jakes as well as his daughter Sarah Jakes as they have spoken some powerful messages that have made an impact in my spiritual life. Les Brown and  Eric Thomas are great motivational speakers whom I admire. From those extraordinary people who are known internationally to the common folk like my mother and sister who have paved their own level of success in my eyes, it is with zeal that I extend a special thank you for always being a listening ear, a positive voice, and a light when I was surrounded by darkness.

I am a very transparent person. I enjoy writing and trying to learn more about this crazy world that we live in. I believe in the power of knowledge. I do my best to have a very well balanced life. I love the people that are in my life. Thanks for taking out the time to read and learn more about me!




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