P.A.W.♡ -♡ Pray And Wait


Ever been put in a situation where you had no choice but to send a shout out to the Lord whether it  was on bent knees, broke knees, or ashy knees? It comes a time in the most hardened-hearted person’s life to have a Jesus moment. That moment that reassures you that you are not alone, although friends seem few. When your money is low and bills are due, prayer is the answer. When life has thrown you lemons, and you have no sugar to make lemonade. Prayer will sweeten up things, block other things, and add everthing you need. It is the assurance in knowing that if no one else heard you, God did. Your prayer may be different than your neighbors, but all of us need God for something. You do not have to hide anything from God. You are an open book to him if you didn’t know. He knows your every move in the game. He wants your heart in prayer. Will you give it to him?

♡ After giving your heart (mindset, behavior, problems, burdens, flesh) to God in prayer, do you trust him enough to wait on his answer? Although waiting is not fun nor exciting, it is vital to your process. You can slip up by praying about a situation then moving out of position which aborts the entire plan of God. As you are waiting, there is still work to be done. This is where prayer comes in again.  You need to seek direction and ask God what would He have you do. Catch the rhythm- pray and wait; pray and wait. So, do not confuse waiting with becoming lazy. When you learn to wait, you allow things to happen in full manifestation and at the peak timing.


Teneille Sheree












~Anointed Speaker ~Anointed Prayer Warrior ~Anointed Poet ~Anointed Writer ~Anointed Blogger

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