My God is Able


Have you ever felt so alone, so left out, so misundertood, so broken, so insanely angry at what has become of your life? It’s like you live in a world where you have free will to make choices, but you allow other people to decide how things in your life should work. Why must you feel tortured for being alive when all you are trying to do is be a productive member of society and to teach your children to do the same?  You are not the only one who has problems you say to yourself. You are not the only one who has been rejected or a victim of some type of unwanted event although you may feel like you are an isolated case. Whatever dilemma you are facing, there is a solution. It would be senseless to think that God who created all things would allow problems to occur in your life with no answer to fix it. My next statement will shock some and bare witness with others who understand God’s word. Some look to counselors, doctors, medications,and recreational drugs to meet their needs which can only be satsified by God. He said to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added. What things? Peace of mind, wholeness, good health, wealth, joy will be added to those who have resilience in giving everything within them to the one who created them.

If God can take my broken heart and restore it, he can do the same for anyone else. A Bachelor’s degree that took a total of 11 years to complete due to many setbacks.  Although I had completed 3 years of college immediately after high school, heartbreak and pain made several attempts to slay my destiny but God had purpose in this too. Doctors said I would never work again and needed to seek long term assistance for support, however I had a praying Mother who believed I would come out of the tight grip depression had on me. After many tears, late nights, and long talks with God, I’m still here on assignment with destiny on my mind. You can’t tell me anything about my God!







~Anointed Speaker ~Anointed Prayer Warrior ~Anointed Poet ~Anointed Writer ~Anointed Blogger

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